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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                l8l

February izth, 1797.

A most ridiculous thing happened to me last
evening. I went about six o'clock, in a carriage,
to call upon Mrs. Drumgold about some business.
Upon knocking, a cookmaid, through the keyhole,
asked what we wanted. The servant gave my
name, saying I wished to see Madame Drumgold.
A window opened in the upper story, and ladies
appeared, enquiring who I was. I answered ;
then other windows opened, and there seemed a
great commotion throughout the house. It seems,
the servant said I was M. le Commissaire, and
probably they thought I was the police officer
come to take them up, for the maid came again
to the keyhole and said nobody lived in the house.
Upon this I took my departure, and wrote the
nature of my business to Mrs. Drumgold, which
was about Mr. Latin's house, &c., and received
her excuses. Such are the remnants of the reign
of terror.

There is a bal abonne, with Robert Dillon at
the head, called " Les restes de la Guillotine."
None are admitted but femmes presentees and fils
de pendus.1

i Femmes presentees—those who had been presented at
Court prior to the Revolution; fils de pendus—sons of those
who had perished by the lantern, guillotine, &c. A more
painful instance of French levity can scarcely be adduced.